01. Anne is going to [bake] an apple pie for supper.
02. We have to [bake] a cake for Marly's birthday party tomorrow.
03. I'd better do some [baking]; the cookie jar is almost empty.
04. I've always loved the smell of freshly [baked] bread.
05. For supper we had mashed potatoes, salad and [baked] salmon.
06. Your mother just [baked] some cookies to take on our camping trip.
07. Do you want your fish fried or [baked] in the oven?
08. For my fifth birthday, my mother [baked] me a birthday cake in the shape of an elephant.
09. The school held a [bake] sale, and the money was used to help pay for a camping trip for the students.
10. The monsters cheered with delight when their supper of crunchy, [baked] rocks was served.
11. The popular Greek dish moussaka is made of lamb and eggplant, and is usually topped with a cheese sauce, and [baked].
12. I put the potatoes in the oven to [bake] about ten minutes ago.
13. They [bake] their own bread fresh every morning.
14. The pie has been [baking] for about 20 minutes and has about 30 more minutes to go.
15. My grandmother used to do a lot of [baking] for Christmas. She'd make cookies, pies, cakes and many other desserts.
16. Your father is going to pick up some croissants at the [bakery] for lunch.
17. [Baked] beans are a popular dish in the province of Quebec.
18. The Great Fire of London of 1666 started at a [bakery] in Pudding Lane.
19. Oprah Winfrey once said, "My idea of heaven is a great big [baked] potato and someone to share it with."
20. A popular dish in the island nation of Samoa is [baked] bat.
21. A German proverb notes that all men are [baked] in the same clay.
22. During the [baking] hot summers, we would often go swimming at a local lake.
23. The women sat in the [baking] heat for a hour, waiting for the bus.
24. The weather was really hot, so we were just [baking] on the beach.
25. The [baker's] face was white with flour.
26. The [baker] loaded the bread into the oven.
27. I want to stop by the [bakery] to pick up some fresh bread.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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(by heat), , , / (in the oven)

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